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Welcome to a practical pastoral counseling site of Dr. Harold L. White

 Every pastor can be a valued and competent counselor.

Books That I Have Studied 

These are some of the books that I studied as a pastor to equip me to counsel:

Born To Win, Muriel James and Dorothy Jongeward, Signet Book, 1978

Staying OK, Amy Bjork Harris and Thomas A. Harris, Avon, 1985

TA: The Total Handbook Of Transactional Analysis, Stan Woollams and Michael Brown
    Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1979

What Do You Say After You Say Hello?, Eric Berne, Bantam Books, 1973

Success Through Transactional Analysis, Jut Meininger, Signet, 1973

Born To Love, Muriel M. James, Bantam Book, 1973

I'm OK--You're Ok, Thomas A. Harris, Avon, 1967

Christians Psychiatry, Frank B. Minirth, Revell, 1977

Games Alcoholics Play, Claude Steiner, Ballantine Books, 1971

Sex In Human Loving, Eric Berne, Pocket Books, 1970

The Art Of Understanding Yourself, Cecil Osborne, Zondervan, 1967

Perversion, Robert J. Stoller, 1976

Keeping The Love You Find, Harville Hendrix, Pocket Books, 1992

Introduction To Psychology & Counseling, Paul D. Meier, Frank B. Minirth, Frank Wichern,
    Baker, 1982

Unlocking The Secrets Of Your Childhood Memories, Dr. Kevim Leman, Randy Carlson,
    Pocket Books, 1979

I Can If I Want To, Arnold Lazarus and Allen Fay, Quill, 1975

Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy, Eric Berne, Grove Press. New York. 1961

Egograms and the Constancy Hypothesis. James Dusay, (1972)

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