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 Every pastor can be a valued and competent counselor.

Conflict Resolutions

Keeping people requires conflict resolution.

Here are some methods of conflict resolution. (Some work, some do not.)

1. Consensus -- respectable, general agreement or collective opinion.

2. Concession -- conceding, yielding

3. Compromise -- a mutual concession in which neither party gets what he wants.

              Something has to be surrendered on both sides.

4. Cooperation -- working together

5. Confrontation -- confronting conflict is healthy if the A is in charge.

              Having confronted a problem, complementary communication, even friendly talking,                 can take place provided the P does not take charge of the conversation with
              blaming, placating, or lecturing.

              And, if the frightened C does not run from the problem with distractions,                        changing the subject, or laughing it off.

6. Conciliation -- conciliation is what you do to smooth of rough edges after confrontation.                      Conciliation means to overcome hostility or suspicion and to secure friendship.

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